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    skrypt ["es-krypt"] is an external forever-undetectable behavioral aimbot/triggerbot
    The holy grail of cheating in shooters!
    1st Worldwide Aiming Analysis Based Tech
    Supports Any Aiming Based Game
    Truly Non-invasive Solution

A Truly Undetectable Aimbot/Triggerbot?

People say it's impossible to cheat in well protected games without being exposed to some kind of risk — some even say getting banned is inevitable at a certain point.

We are breaking this stereotype.

What can we offer?

A completely external client working in virtually any aiming based game, proof to any anti-cheat tool you can imagine. More of a script than an ordinary cheat. It's as external (as much as overused this expression is) and non-invasive as an application running alongside of the game can ever be.

League Proof

Inherently bypasses any anti-cheat there is, the client runs in a similar fashion e.g. a web browser does while playing a game — doesn't interfere (even in terms of reading) with the game's memory in any way.

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Supporting Counter Strike Series, Team Fortress Series, Call of Duty Series, Battlefield Series, Day of Defeat Series, Quake Series, Unreal Tournament Series, Borderlands Series and many more. Did we mention any aiming based single player game as well?

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Industry Unique

First to provide purely external solution many been searching for.

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Like the deal?

Don't wait and get it now!

Pricing — skrypt

About Us

Aiming analysts. The best there are, we would like to claim.

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