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Friendly Asked Questions

The idea was to create the next generation aimbot, as secure as such a thing can ever be. We did succeed at this, albeit it took way too long. We will not get our customers banned, ever. If this is the kind of attitude you like, join us!

I, as one of the coders, can assure you that I have been personally using the client for over 5 years now, mainly in high profile CS:GO, never getting banned. Counting leagues. It's to be expected, since as explained elsewhere, the application has absolutely no bounds to the game you are playing.

It doesn't inherently need to fight against any anticheat tool.

You should however note you can get banned manually, based on an admin or even an user (Overwatch) observation and reports. Use legit settings when it matters. And don't when it does not!

Bet you've already seen one. Either case, there you go:


Any aiming based game pretty much. From Counter Strike Series to Team Fortress — Day of Defeat — Call of Duty — Battlefield Series, Quake, GTA, APB Reloaded to H1Z1.

Windows with C++ Redist. 2012 installed. Unix users must contact FRONT on the forum after purchasing.

We are currently supporting PayPal. Crypto might be an option in the future.

In the end of the day, you can do exactly what you want to do. Note that our ToS clearly states refunds of any kind are not possible and as such (along with logs) will be presented as a proof for PayPal. Also note that your account will be banned shortly after trying to do so, with the option of us opening a legal dispute against you. Considering whether it's worth it or not is up to you, as always.

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